Can’t… Stop… Listening… This band is for me like Metsatöll, or Arkona, TYR. They have their own style, especially the voices wich in my opinion would belong to the term “Heathen Metal” (I’m not a real fan of all those qualifications, it’s just a thread to guide my listening, but If someone say : “THIS IS NOT THAT STYLE”, I’ll just answer : “Ok dude…”), we have a classic (Folk) Metal band, but voices wich remind me of old traditional songs. Those voices (in my opinion again) evokes some strong link with traditions… I mean, maybe it’s hard to understand me, just try to listen Metsatöll, Arkona, or the Old TYR (the last album, even if I bought it, is less “Heathen” as I understand it); maybe you will understand what I mean ^_^. Or not, wich is not a problem, because you still can enjoy the song !


Stille Volk is a French Folk band from “Les Pyrénées”. They play about their Folklore (witches, forest and mystical stuffs), and sing in 3 different languages ; French, Occitan (an old language spoken in Southern France), and Latin.

Here are the lyrics for thos who can understand French (the lyrics are uncommon even for French People)

Et tous les bons faire les feux de joie
Et tous partout crier mont joie !
Et dresser tables parmi carrefours
Apporter vins, rôtis, pâtés de fours
Accolant l’un l’autre par bonne amour
Chanter, danser, criant jusqu’au jour

Buvons !

Mets et fumets embaument le repas
Nous dansons, festoyons jusqu’au trépas
L’hydromel sacré guidant nos pas
Sur les tables accueillant nos bras.
De ce jus divin remplissons nos tasses
Et dans ce festin buvons avec grâce

Buvons !

De ces breuvages vantons l’excellence
Faisons tous honneur à sa bienfaisance !
Buvons ensemble et faisons chorus
Célébrons l’aimable jus
Si bon vous semble, du bon dieu Bacchus !

Buvons !

De l’ivresse, paresse de nos sens
Accueillons les bons génies trépidants

Buvons jusqu’à la lie !


Let’s Have fun listening to those Nords Bastards (they are from Quebec, but they truly love nordic Mythology)  ~ So here is some French singing Folk music ~ 


I am Flabbergasted. This is Awesome ~

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